New to Munich? You want to quickly become a genuine local? You think: off to the Hofbräuhaus, in the English Garden or want to become a regular in one of the noble shopping oases of the city? Oh no!  Live where everyday life and commonplaces have something special to offer. For example: In the "Boazn" around the corner. You do not know what a "Boazn" is? These are the small local Munich pubs that exist in every district of the city.

Particularly here, the patina of the time creates a very special atmosphere. There you are not only welcome, but you will also draw a curious conversation. You are a new arrival, and yet you will find immediate connection. Do not worry, the "Boazn" is the well-known secret place for students, artists and also scientists. By the way, of course, every day here are the typical Munich guests.

Or go explore the creative, seductive world of the many small galleries, factories and cafes that exist in Maxvorstadt, Au-Haidhausen, Giesing, Schwabing and Sendling.

These are the actual, everyday sights of the city. Every Munich district has to offer.

The true uniqueness is hidden in these many details. But as Charles Eames said so beautifully, "The details are not the details, they form the design.“

And that means for Munich: The many details and special features make up the city's tense, gentle and casual atmosphere. In every single season.

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