We are a relocation company based in Munich and we ensure the smooth process of the relocation of employees to their new location - thus ensuring a real arrival at the new location.

The scope of the services is determined individually by our clients as each posting has its own requirements.

In a first briefing, we provide information about the local real estate market, life in the new city and the move to the new environment.

Immediately after arrival, we take the client on an initial orientation tour and show him the local conditions surrounding his new workplace and the preferred residential areas.

We handle the necessary formalities - accompanying him to the registration and immigration offices as well as the bank account opening.

We will view selected real estate offers in exact according to his search criteria. On this city tour he also gets valuable insider information.

We support him in signing the lease, checking the details in advance and translating into English.
We accompany him to the apartment handover and examination of the handover protocol as well as to the arrival or re-registration with technical providers and media providers (water, electricity, heating, Internet, TV).

We advise the client on the appropriate type of school and / or kindergarten and regulate - if desired - the driving license transcription.