In my professional as well as in my sports career I’ve been working with brands like Porsche, Jaguar, Lotus, Red Bull, Bosch, Aigner, Seat and Mini.

Today people are on the move and need to stay mobile. Career chances, opportunities for advancement and more freedom of leeway.

Globalization is not just happening in the markets but also in the mind. Therefore it is so important to have mobility but also arriving ensured individually. At the end of the day everybody wants to revive a new home.

Like the game developer from Zimbabwe who moved to Munich.

With &Y FOX REALOCATION he did not just get his new apartment but indirectly found new friends immediately.
We connected him with the gamer community. Capoeira-master gave him tips and addresses and helped him to quickly take a foothold in the city.

Or the former tech executive of an Italian sports car brand who changed over to a Bavarian car manufacturer. He has both feet on the ground. You would not recognize his status. In his very tight calculated leisure time he wants to take his guitar to bars and jam with other musicians.

&Y FOX REALOCATION made the connections.

Or even the IT expert from California who missed the Pacific being a Surfer in Munich. Right! Munich is not located near the sea. However &Y FOX REALOCATION connected him with the Eisbach surfer community. 



I was devasteted when I lost my flat. My landlord needed it for his own use. In Munich it’s really hard to find a apartment but Andy found me one in no time. I’m very grateful - thanks Andy.
— Eveline T., Studied Brewing Engineer
Dear Andy,

Thank you so much or vielen Dank for your help. It means so much to us and you really helped us settle in.
Best of luck in the future!

Kind regards

Maya & Kieran
— Maya W., financial analyst
Hi Andreas,

How are you doing there;-)?
I wanted to reached out and thank you about your great help in finding a flat here in Munich and your support.
Your selections were a good fit to what me and my family were looking for and thanks to your suggestions we were able to find exactly what we were looking for.

Also I found your communication very welcoming and made things easier in contacting owners and handle their requirements.

Thank you one more time for helping me and my family in solving the most difficult step in our journey here “Finding a roof ;-)”.

I wish all the best,

— Klevis R., Project Manager
Guten Tag Andy,

Thank you for your mail. Nice to hear from you.

I am doing great. Hope the same with you.

I am lucky to get an apartment at Olympia as it is a lively place. Thanks to you:)

Coming to the precise points you have supported me:

1. Searching for the apartments and dealing with the landlord for appointments: It was a great deal for me as I am new to Munich and conversation would be a difficult task.
2. As I could figure out that getting an apartment is very difficult in Munich but thanks to you for making it easy. I got the apartment in my first viewing itself and also on the time I wanted.
3. English translation of Rental contract which was very useful.

To conclude I am more than satisfied with your service.

Have a nice day.

Thanks & Regards
— Shiva V., Business Analyst
Hi Andy,

Thanks, flat is really good, I am glad we can manage it so fast.

I never do this, so if this will not be what you need , just let me know.

It was really pleasure to work with you. You were always on time on place. Everything was discussed with me.
You helped me with registration in Munich office – that was actually really quickly managed. Later on you were with me again in Augsburg office to register me in my new flat.
Also we were in bank to open new account – which I am glad I have for free. After we confirmed flat viewing via emails we were in few visits.
In all cases mentioned above I will be lost because of my German language is on zero.
If I will recommend you? YES definitely. You are nice, kind, flexible and willing.
When I will need manage something in future I will ask you for help.

Thanks for your help

Kind Regards
— Petr K., Field Service Engineer
Grüß Gott Herr Fuchs,

vielen Dank für Ihre Unterstützung und die professionelle Zusammenarbeit! Ihre aufgeschlossene und freundliche Art hilft ungemein die Orientierung in einer neuen Stadt zu finden!

Beste Grüße
— Alexander W., Junior Auditing Assistant