Even as a native one understands under "paperwork" only the one meaning: It is an enormous stress factor. The fact is, there are two bad ways to do it justice. First, you sit down and bite yourself through this. Secondly: against ones own nature one makes oneself the authority itself, fills out forms, scrutinizes, tries to find best possible solutions and acts nevertheless completely against its character. You can go both ways, if you really want to make new, extraordinary experiences. They basically do not get you anywhere. Let's be honest: no one cuts his own hair, everyone uses his tax adviser or leaves contentious issues to a shrewd lawyer.  Are you really sure to do all the moving yourself in Munich?

Get you help! - a good remedy for relocation stress

As your coach and relocation manager, I can do a lot for you - stress free first and foremost. I know exactly how the Munich authorities are ticking, which tricks and legal pitfalls should be taken into account when registering and how you can get through the paperwork in no time, without having to spend too much time on it.
Whether county administration department, health authorities or - in case of cases - the appropriate medical specialists or clinics - they all know each other and can make you the necessary contacts if necessary. Not only do I speak several languages fluently, but I can also understand the official gibberish in order to translate it correctly for you and immediately present the appropriate solution.  

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