Being alienated disconcerts. Friendliness befriends.

If you want to achieve the latter, you should rely on a guide who knows the environment in which you want to live. Because: Guidelines for well-being exist. A guide who lives up to his name knows this. This is especially true for a city like Munich.

Concepts for life

Do you have an idea for your life? But how do you experiencethe appropriate city culture?  One thing is clear: Munich is not one city, but it consists of different, very different neighborhoods of the city, where everyone can find their own personal living space. For me, being a relocation manager I’m either an inspirator and lifestyle enthusiast. It does not only determine how far your new home is from your job, but how close it is to your actual needs and demands. Just think of the classic downtown hoods such as Maxvorstadt, Altstadt, Lehel, Schwabing or the streets that run along the English Garden.

Here you will find not only an enormous art scene, the most varied gastronomic facilities from typically Bavarian to ultra-modern vegan or the think tanks of authoritative high-tech companies, but also, often undiscovered by many, true gems of zest for life. These include, for example, the coffee house "Fräulein Grüneis", which can be found in a converted guestroom in the immediate vicinity of the Eisbach, the "Golden Bar" in the Haus der Kunst or the "Milchhäusl" near the Königinstraße. But these are just a few prominent places that make Munich so special. Such places and refuges can be found in every district.

In the implementation I am your man

As an outstandingly networked relocation scout, it's especially important to me to show you the place in your new hometown, from which you say from the beginning: „That's exactly mine, I want to live here!“

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