The simplest questions are often the hardest. This is especially true of a city like Munich, where state-of-the-art tech industries are as much at home as art or even a surfing culture of its own. Every district has its own charm. Every charm has its own attraction. Each attraction inspires only certain lovers and enthusiasts.

Art or Alps?

Hand on heart, where do you see yourself in this melting pot of impressions and passions?  Or are you someone who prefers to live in the mountains and would rather live on the outskirts of the city to see the Alps from his balcony?

Which neighborhood suits me?

Each district and each district has its own advantages, but also challenges. As a local guide, I know my way around Munich and can show you corners in this city, which perhaps even a diehard Munich knows.

Get to know the new home in advance with sightseeing videos.

Above all, it is important to me to quickly and easily think of you and to feel in order to present you with your new living space with the quality of life you want. You can not come to Munich so quickly, but want to get a first overview?

Not a problem at all, I offer annotated sightseeing videos with personal assessment as well as information on the location, amenities, pros and cons and other special features of the property in question.

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