Who loves St. Pauli, has bad cards in Munich. Until yesterday. At this bar Hamburg is not only secretly jealous. On a bridge in the beautiful district Sendling stands the steamer "Utting". In it is a bar at home, as it is unusual even for spoiled Munich. Although the ship is on dry land, this is not true for its visitors. Where hipsters and retirees alike melt away, this is not only because of the great view, but also of drinks, a delicious multicuisine and staff on and below deck who have hearts, eyes and ears for their guests.

You think this is the most extraordinary bar in Munich? Sorry, you were a little wrong. Munich has a lot of impressive bars that you should have seen. 

These include, for example, the "Ory Bar", "The High", "James T. Hunt", "Minna Thiel" or captivating by its impressive dark ambience "Jenner Wine".

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