Sometimes Munich is like California. Hm, sometimes or maybe more often? Difficult question. But you have it better than many others. Because: You are perhaps one of the few who can find an answer. And only for a simple reason, because you have read this text.

The background for this strange question in your ears: For years, many New Berliners claim that Berlin is like New York in the 1990s. 

"If Berlin is like New York, then Munich is more like California. The great work-life balance, the surfers in the English Garden, and the fact that in no city in Germany, the sunglasses are drawn faster. I like that", countered Bayern Prime Minister Markus Söder some time ago.

Sure, when the sky over Berlin in disastrous gray expires and that certainly reflected in the ill-tempered, cheeky mood of the Berlin without warning and grace, then in Munich, the sun and lighthearted lightness flatters the mind of the city and its inhabitants. Caution - this is not a question of money, but of attitude. 

The Eisbach is free and the sunbathing in the English Garden anyway. Have a stroll from café to cafe. You will see how you are carried - by the sun, the wind and the tenderness of the moment. You do not have to prove to anyone who you are. It is enough that you are there. That's California in Munich.

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