Have you heard of it?

A few days ago not only animal friends heated a beautiful, but hardly believable news message the proud heart. A small polar fox had hiked the 3,500 kilometers from Spitsbergen to Canada in 76 days. Sometimes it was up to 170 km a day, sometimes just ten kilometers. It is believed that he then ducked from storms, went in search of food or just played.

Why am I writing this impressive story? Quite simply, for me it's a wonderful picture for my work as a relocation scout. My name is not just “Fox”, but some tell me that I'm actually a fox sometimes. From experience, I know how to tackle long distances purposefully and safely, how to achieve its goals in the context of a move and perhaps even a reorientation with the least possible energy consumption. The little polar fox had it all in the blood.

And you? I would like to help you with my know-how: